Sustainable development will be an overriding theme in PARK21 which provides ample space to demonstrate Dutch development in this field. The park is a sustainable development in itself. The living- and work climate will be structurally improved at different levels and will provide our inhabitants with an attractive natural- and recreational area both at a local as well as at a regional level. At the same time, the business climate in our municipality as well as in the metropolitan area of Amsterdam will be significantly improved. 

Sustainability as an interaction: that is the underlying ambition in the creation of PARK21.

PARK21 addresses this by focussing on 3 pillars translated into 9 themes.

  1. network approach; PARK21 is no solitary development. Networks, both physical and social are essential for designing a sustainable future. Forging new cycles  and aiming for a circular economy are a central focal point in the development of PARK21.
  2. experiencing and connecting; PARK21 is developing into a destination in the Amsterdam metropolitan region, a meeting place in the polder connecting city and countryside and forming a focal point in a series of physical, economic, social networks.
  3. polder roots; PARK21 tells the story of life in the polder through themes such as creating land, polder culture, food production and living with water.

In the three layers of the park the story continues to get its own different accent:

  • in the polder layer, one discovers the unique agrarian history of the region;
  • in the park layer, nature and recreation are central themes;
  • in the leisure layer, there is space for initiatives in the park chamber.

All parties working in and on PARK21 are being challenged to show how they have reached the optimum within their area of expertise in relation to sustainability. Entrepreneurs who are highly committed to sustainability will be given plenty of opportunity to innovate: new processes, new techniques, new links and new coalitions. The municipality will forge connections within the relevant networks, thinks along, stimulates and facilitates.